James Kindell, Youth Pastor
Email: james@tularebethel.org
Misty and I have fallen in love with young people. We were both raised in non-Christian homes and first heard about Jesus in our late teen years. We both began to minister to young people in 1993 and were married in September of '94 and God has blessed us with three wonderful daughters. We came to a decision in our lives that we will begin something that we never had, a Godly legacy. Our children will not only grow up knowing the living God, but will grow up knowing how to live for God in a world that doesn't. But you see, God did not stop there with us.

Misty and I believe that God wants to use us in transforming lives that were like ours and to help guide and direct the lives of students that are blessed through growing up in the church. You see, our vision is next generational. We are striving to help young people live godly lives, grow into godly adults and marry godly spouses so that their children can be raised in godly homes and begin, or continue, a godly legacy. And how we do that is through Jesus. We want our students to discover their New Day and live their New Day everyday. It's through the power of the Holy Spirit!