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We believe in the power of prayer.  Allow us the opportunity and privilege to pray for you and believe for your miracle.

At Bethel, you don’t have to go through a trial alone. Our experienced and dedicated team of Pastoral Care staff, volunteers and prayer warriors from the church are here to help!

You can send your prayer requests here and know that many believers from Bethel will begin to lift your need up to the Lord.

You are also welcome and encouraged to share your praise reports here as well.  We want to celebrate with you.

If you would like a reply back from one of our staff or prayer volunteers, please mention it as a part of your prayer request and make sure that you fill in the contact information.

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Healing from last Sunday
posted by: Jan Tindall on 8/31/2016

I had been experiencing body aches and fatigue. Have been praying scripture, but symptoms were getting worse. So bad that this Sunday before church I went on Google to learn what I could dietary wise. I then cried out to God. Jesus, I KNOW you don't want this.. When this Sunday after worship where the presence of God was powerful, then Yvonne Martines when ministering,called out "Those of you with symptoms of Fibromyalgia and fatigue come forward" I raced to the front. Yvonne had us pray a simple prayer over our bodies. I felt His presence, His love, tearfully, and a washing away of pain. No pain nor fatigue since. This was so special as God heard my cry and immediately came to my rescue. So grateful to our loving Jesus who died for ALL my pain and wants that ALL be healed!
Amen! 28 people are praising.
Physical healing and protection
posted by: Cindy Sweet-He ry on 6/22/2016

Cindy's symptoms are a numb hand, arm pain and heart feels weird. She is headed to Handford ER now.
I will pray 28 people are praying.
Healing on Sunday
posted by: on 8/19/2014

I have not been to church in several months and I was feeling very heavy and hopeless. I have had a nagging leg injury, that did not allow me to train in my sport. I wore braces and took pain pills daily. I was also under huge condemnation About having huge student loan bills I could not pay, and frankly I was so afraid that I could not even bring myself to pick up the phone to call my creditors. I just couldn't. last Sunday, and a woman offered to pray over me. She prayed for my leg to be healed. She said she saw me running in a race and breaking through the ribbon- running so fast. She also prayed for financial favor, so abundant that I will have overflow to bless others. Praise God- HE HEALED MY LEG IMMEDIATELY. I have no pain at all- it feels exactly like the other leg. I trained the same night and this morning and God has made me new! God also enabled me to call my creditors and set up payments so I am not accruing debt and my monthly payments we're cut in half. I cannot praise and thank God enough. God is so good,, Thank you for your wonderful preaching and allowing revival in the church!!!
I will pray 76 people are praying.
prayer for job interview
posted by: Bobbie Kay on 4/14/2013

I need prayer that a job interview on Tue, Apr 16th at 11:30 am goes really well. It's for a really great full-time job, and I would be perfect for it. The only problem is that I don't interview well, I get too nervous. Please pray that I able to come across as confident and sure of my abilities. Thank you so much,
I will pray 70 people are praying.
financial/ mortgage
posted by: Cheryl Harmon on 1/26/2012

Have financial debit and mortgage combined of $27,750.84 paid off.
I will pray 102 people are praying.
Fairen's Back injury settlement
posted by: Rachel Hadley on 12/29/2011

A settlement was reached after four years on the injury of Fairen's back.Praise God! He can now get the medical help he needs paid.
Amen! 137 people are praising.
A Job
posted by: Marina Rojas on 12/14/2011

God gave me favor-I took a second 'seasonal' job. Last week I was offered a permanent position!
I will pray 140 people are praying.
posted by: Ray Russell on 12/14/2011

We owed a bill that we were not going to be able to pay; we got a letter in the mail that the debt was cancelled!
Amen! 130 people are praising.
posted by: Tami Carlsen on 12/2/2011

I wish I had the creed in front of me because there's probably more than I can say. I got a temp job that turned into a different position that turned out almost full time doing something I love. My pay was more than I thought. I am paying off a debt for my tires that would generally take someone with a substantial income longer to pay off. God is blessing my kids lives ALL over the place. Nate has a meeting with a financial advisor for UTI (Deisel mechanic tech school) Chris is working hard saving money, preparing for his music endeavors. Nicky is healthy and happy! Kayleigh is in the G.A.T.E. program and basketball right now (She's thrilled that I have Fridays off so we can spend more time together). I have peace and constant faith that God is working-and evidence all over of it! DRUM ROLL PLEASE..................I just opened a letter from Kaweah Delta that states "Your debt has been CANCELLED" Over $18,000 in debt erased!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Praise God!!!!!!My ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GLORY_GLORY_GLORY to my forver faithful friend and provider. Who helps me walk in peace through the storms???...YOU DO!!! NEVER have failed me! MY EVERYTHING LIES IN YOU! MY LIFE IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE YOURS!!! I am so loved, in the beautiful and hard times You will always remain my precious love. Thank You Father...Thank You...thank You...........
Amen! 136 people are praising.